Monday, June 24, 2013

Too Faced Natural Face Palette Review

Too Faced Natural Face palette has some really amazing products, and some that have let me down completely.

This palette includes the following:

  • Bronzing Veil 8g
  • Creme Blush 2.6g
  • Powder Blush 3g
  • Concealer 1.55g
  • Luminizer 1.65g
  • Brightener 1.5g
Bronzing Veil: The colour of the bronzer is quite light considering it is a bronzer. I have light-medium skin tone, and this bronzer does not really show up on my face. It isn't very pigmented, and has an un-natrual shimmer to it. However, you do get a generous amount, if you ever use it!

Creme Blush: Holy COW! This blush is natural and pigmented. The formula is blend-able and goes onto the skin so naturally and creamy. This blush is fantastic! There is no shimmer, so it is perfect for anyone who truly wants the natural makeup. 

Powder Blush: This blush is extremely pigmented, so you gotta be careful! One swipe on your brush leaves you with too much product, so be sure to tap off any excess. The colour is a really pretty coral colour and would look great overtop or alone a cream blush. There is some shimmer, but it is evenly spread out, so you don't look like a disco ball.

Concealer: Too Faced really went downhill on this one. To start, it comes in only one colour, which is light! There is also very low coverage when trying to cover up blemishes and dark circles.. isn't that what a concealer is for? I once got this product around my eye area and it began to water and sting like crazy. No concealer has ever acted that way before! 

Luminizer: I feel that this luminizer is pigmented. However, it is very hard to blend over your cheekbones and other areas on the face. People want the sculpted look, and having a luminizer not blended is a big no-no. 

Brightener: This is one product that I am quite fond of. The pigmentation is really nice, and offers even better coverage then the concealer. I sometimes reach for the brighter to cover my under eye area instead of the concealer. It really does brighten and am impressed.

Overall: Three products were outstanding, the other three should not even be included. I really feel, however that both cream and powder blushers and the brightener are worth the money, but not in a set where you would get no use out of the other half. 
L-R: Bronzer, Creme Blush, Powder Blush, Concealer, Luminizer, Brightener

Rating: C+

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