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MAC Divine Desire: Paramour Pink Holiday Gift Set Review

Happy Holiday's Everyone! I am so blessed to be giving you this review on the MAC Divine Desire: Paramour Pink 2012 Holiday Set. I hadn't had this set for more then a week, however, because this set is limited edition, I did not want to get this review out so late, if you are interested in buying it as Christmas is around the corner!

This set is so perfectly cute and I think that this would be an amazing present for anyone who is makeup obsessed. You get this adorable clutch, which can be used for other purposes then just holding the makeup inside.
Packaging of the product

A little pouch where the brush is kept

This set comes with the following items:
  • MAC 129SE powder/blush brush
  • MAC blush in Divine Desire (Frost finish)
  • MAC Technakohl Liner in Purple Dash
  • MAC Lipstick in Heart to Heart (Cremesheen finish)
  • MAC Lipglass in Warm Embrace

MAC 129SE Powder/Blush Brush:

This brush is made from all natural hair bristles. This is not full size, but is perfect for traveling when you want to touch up on your setting powder or your blush. Although the description says this brush works for both blush and powder, because it is mini, it is more likely you would use it for your blush.

MAC Blush in 'Divine Desire':

The Divine Desire blush is where MAC got the name for the entire collection, so this blush must be good! You do not get a full sized blush in the set, but only 2.8g (normal full sized blushes have 6g of product in them), however, because this blush is pigmented and hot pink, I don't think I will be finishing it for a while. This blush gives the appearance of coming in from the cold winter air, perfectly rosy cheeks. This blush reminds me a lot of Benefit's Bella Bamba blush, as it is too very bright and pink. I love this blush for convenience because all my MAC blushes are in the refill pans, so when I want to travel or put one in my purse, I have to bring the entire palette. Because this blush is in the pot and a bit smaller, I can see myself traveling with this blush for times to come! This blush is limited edition!

MAC Technakohl Liner in 'Purple Dash':

I am not an eyeliner gal because I think eyeliner makes someone look more old. With this eyeliner, all it does is make your eyes look more defined. I love the purple color, its very deep and rich. Sometimes black is too harsh and makes you look older and more mature. Because in this set you get a purple, it softens your eyes while defining them! This eyeliner is apart of the permanent collection and I see myself buying this product when I run out!

MAC Lipstick in 'Heart to Heart':

When I first saw this lipstick, I though it was too bright and bold. It is a HOT pink, which is why I thought I would be steering away from it. However, the pink, I find makes you look more feminine and girly. I've learned when you don't want a lipstick to go to super thick and rich, you can put lip balm on your lips prior to the lipstick application, and it makes the lipstick more sheer. The finish of this lipstick is cremesheen, which makes it super moistrizing! This lipstick is limited edition, so buy it while you can!

MAC Lipglass in 'Warm Embrace':

I think the color of this lipglass is perfect. It is that wonderful pink, which goes beautifully on its own or paired with the lipstick in the set. I find this is a great day time lipgloss, and the lipstick is more for night time. This color is not as bold and daring as the lipstick. This is a limited edition lipglass, but I think it is amazing!


Price: $85CAD
Avalibility: MAC Stores only
Selection: Paramour Pink, Quite Coral
Limited Edition: YES
Rating: 5/5 Stars, A+

Disclaimer: All pictures were taken by "Temptalia", a beauty website. Click here to see her website. All rights to the pictures belong to her. I bought this with my own money. All Opinions are my own. I am a MAC Pro member, so I did get 25% off (I did not get the full 30% off because it is the holiday collection). I am not affiliated nor sponsored by any company. 

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