Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sigma's Amazing Customer Service

I was recently have great difficulty in using some of my beloved Sigma brushes.. Like the F40, F30, and my F80. Are three products' glue was loosening. I did not know what to do! I decided to email Sigma and let them know that there was a problem, hoping they would fix it in the future for other customers. 

I received an email the next day asking for my current shipping address, so that they can send me replacement ones! I was shocked. That is why I am writing this post today, because I think not that Sigma's fabulous customer service should be unheard of. 

They happily send me my three brushes, but the thing that amazes me, is they were willing to do it. I have emailed several beauty company's about there product, and all of them have not helped, nor seemed to care!

I just received an email from them letting me know that they just shipped them out. I was going to wait until I got the brushes, but I am just totally blown away by Sigma's truly fantastic customer service. 

I will post pictures when I get them in!!

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