Friday, November 30, 2012

Where Have I Been? (Update!)

Hello my blogger viewers! I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for not making any videos or posts since September! (yikes!) Before I started making videos and blog reviews, I wanted to explain what has been going on in my life.

The main reason I didn't post any videos/blog posts was initally because I had just started high school, which means big changes. However, I got used to my new enviorment within the month of September and October and half of November was because of pure laziness and school work.

In the month of October, I signed up for the MAC PRO membership (I GOT ACCEPTED! YAY!) under the performer category. The whole process was very long as there were many applications being sent out and whatnot. However, I kept calling the MAC PRO line telephone number to ask for an update, which they were very kind in giving me and helping me out. I will be either making a video and/or blog post about my experience with MAC PRO once the card comes in. (The card was sent out on Monday from New York to Vancouver, so possible within the next week!)

In November, I MOVED! My family and I are undergoing a HUGE renovations for our house, where we are gutting the interior house and adding bathrooms, new walls, new EVERYTHING. This project has made our family move to a penthouse downtown (my grandparents on my mom's side own this apartment, but were renting it out to my other grandparents on my dad's side, but they moved to another city which made us snatch the idea of living here, rent free!).

I hope you all can continue to read this blog and watch my videos, and be prepared to see more from me!

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