Thursday, June 27, 2013

Project 15 Pan!

Lately, I have been buying too much makeup in a short period of time. With this being said, I decided to go on a Project 15 Pan. The reason why I chose 15 products to finish up, was because I need something to stick to for the long time. I honestly don't know if i'll be able to survive this long without buying makeup.

I just wanted to go over the rules of Project 15 Pan:

  1. A product is worthy of being put on the list if the product
    1. Is completely finished
    2. has been hit pan in a big way
    3. if the product has gone bad (mascaras, ect.)
  2. You many only make 3 exceptions to buying makeup, which will be your choice. 
    1. It may not be over $100 the first exception
    2. It may not be over $75 the second exception
    3. It may not be over $50 the third, and final exception
  3. You may repurchase the following items if they are gone
    1. Foundation
    2. Concealer
    3. Powder
    4. Mascara

Wish my luck!!

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