Thursday, December 13, 2012

BEAUTY Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy Holiday's Everyone!!!! I wanted to share with you my holiday 2012 christmas gift guide for anyone who wants to get a fabulous gift!

1. MAC Blushes: I am HUGE MAC and blush fanatic! I think MAC's blushes are pigmented, rich and very long wearing. Blush in general is also really great as it gives more life to your beautiful complexion! My top MAC blushes are the following:

  • Fleur Power -- this is a great blush, however, it is uber pigmented, so I would steer away from this blush if you are blush-crazy! -- $24 (this is also available in refill pans, which are less expensive)
  • Dame -- is a really soft, beautiful light pink. It has a natural finish, so this is great if you want to achieve a very simple, yet healthy glow to your complexion. -- $24 (this is also available in refill pans, which are less expensive)
  • Ladyblush -- this is a cremeblend blush which is my personal favourite. I love creme blushes and this one has right pigmentation and everything! It is very easy to blend, and the finish is nice and natural. -- $24 (this is also available in refill pans, which are less expensive)
2. Benefit the POREfessional: I love Benefit Cosmetic's POREfessional primer. This is a great gift for anyone who wants a primer that goes on super smooth, keeps your makeup put all day and minimizes the appearances of your pores. -- $34

3. MAC Eyeshadows: MAC eyeshadows have some of the best and most pigmented products you will ever see in your lifetime. They are very blend able, long wearing and pigmented. Plus, they all give a very natural look to your eyes when wanting to achieve that look. All eyeshadows are $18
  • All That Glitters -- a beautiful golden eyeshadow colour. This is perfect for your brow bone or lid (i love to use to for your lid!). This is a very natural colour and works perfectly with any other eyeshadow you would want to pair with it.
  • Sable -- this colour goes hand in hand with all that glitters. It is a gorgeous crease colour. It is brownish, goldish undertones, perfect in defining the crease and for giving a natural look to the eyes. 
  • Satin Taupe -- this is a beautiful taupe colour... perfect for the crease. I also pair this with all that glitters to give it a deeper tone when I want something a tiny bit darker then sable.
4. MAC Lip Products: MAC's lip products are in my opinion, the best in the business! They offer a wide selection in colours for someone who wants a natural, or bold look. Lip products range in prices. Some are also limited edition, so get them while you can!
  • Freckletone -- this lipstick is possibly my favourite lipstick in the entire world! I got this free from the Back to MAC program and love it to infinity and beyond. It gives a super natural brownish coral finish to the lips. $18
  • Boldly Bare -- this is a lip liner which i think goes with every lip product you pair it with. I love using it to 'fill' in my lips as it lasts longer then lipsticks and lip glasses. $18
  • Guilty Passions: 4 Cocktail Coral Lipglass Set -- This is a limited edition set from there holiday collection. This set comes with four mini sized lip glass; two creme sheen and two dazzle glass. Although this set says it is coral, it contains two pinks and two corals 9 (both colours are different formulas, the pinks are dazzle and creme sheen and the corals are dazzle and creme sheen). The colours in the set is called : On the Scene, Geo Pink, Out for Glamour and Sublime Shine.

5. MAC Paint Pots: I love these paint pots. They are all creamy and rich, giving wonderful colour payoff and worth your every scent!

  • Rubenesque -- This is a gorgeous golden eyeshadow. I use this colour as my base when I'm in a rush and looks great alone or paired with a powder eyeshadow.
  • Painterly -- I use this colour when I want a simple eye look, or if i just want to use the paint pots as a primer. 
L to R: All That Glitters, Sable and Satin Taupe 

All That Glitters Eyeshadow

Sable Eyeshadow 

Satin Taupe Eyeshadow 
L to R: Fleur Power, Dame and Ladyblush

Fleur Power Blush

Dame Blush

Ladyblush Blush

The POREfessional

Rubenesque Paint Pot 

Painterly Paint Pot 

Freckletone Lipstick

Boldly Bare Lip Liner

Guilty Passions: 4 Cocktail Coral Lip Glass Set
disclaimer: I am a MAC Pro member, so I did get 30% off all the MAC products mentioned except the holiday gift one. I got the MAC lipstick in Freckletone for free because of the BACK TO MAC PROGRAM. I am not sponsored of affiliated with any companies mentioned in this blog post.

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