Thursday, August 23, 2012

Benefit Erase Paste Review

Hi all! So as school is around the corner, this means late study hours. Any normal concealer just won't do to hide your tiredness! You need something creamier that will do the job. Who is this amazing product I speak of? Yes, it is... The ERASER! (AKA Erase Paste)

Like I said, school is.. pardon me, LIFE is stressful, no doubt about it and nobody should settle of kinda covering up the darkness, on your face, you should be using a product that will not only COVER, but BRIGHTEN, because even if a product can cover the darkness, you still need that IT factor that will brighten the skin to the best of the ability!

I have decided to call Benefit's Erase Paste, The ERASER! (Its not that clever, but bare with me!)
Just like erasers on pencils erase mistakes, imperfections and marks, Benefits Erase Paste does just the same, but for the face. The only thing different with erase paste is that while doing all those amazing things, it also helps to brighten the skin. But the best part, you look like you!

Erase Paste comes in 3 shades, now although this may not be the best selection, the colors are pretty universal and can blend into anyone's skin tone. I use the shade 02, which is the medium color, but who knows? Maybe Benefit will add some extra colors like what they did with Boi-ing Concealer.

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