Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Beauty Tips and Essentials!

Hey everyone! I hope you guys have had a wonderful summer so far! Today I wanted to share with you guys my top picks for summer that will survive sweat, water and more! 

The first product would be tints. Tints stain the first layer of your skin, meaning they will not budge, or clog your pores as some creams and powders do. I love Benefit Cosmetics tints, ChaChaTint is a popular one for summer with its mango/coral color, but be careful with stains! Once they're on, they're on for good! So work fast! I only have Benefits tints, so i am not sure about other brands, but have heard the Stila has great lip and cheek stains!

Next would be Sun Beam, a golden bronze highlighter, I love mixing this in with my foundation, moisturizer or primer. It gives you a bronzed godess look which i have especially been loving the past couple of months! In fact, watch out for a video on a bronzed look soon!!

Hoola bronzer is the ultimate matte bronzer! Although this may not be waterproof, it will sure give you a tan all year round! This is an must have fake-it item and a personal staple of mine!

Another tip is to go light! Nobody wants a smoky eye that just starts to melt of your face the minute you leave for the beach! Don't go heavy on your eyes and your face, only wear what you need. Foundation that is light and that doesn't have full coverage and with SPF is great to avoid concealer. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! is very light. Say tinted moisturizer meets foundation? Only wear a bit of mascara, do not pack it on! Natural is better!

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