Friday, July 20, 2012

Beauty on a Budget

We all love pampering ourselves with high end makeup products, but lets just say that are wallets do not appreciate it as much! Today, i will be sharing my tips on how to save money, while still getting the products you love. 

Step 1. Wait for a good deal! Either at Sephora or other makeup stores, they always have great deals, kits or whatnot. Recently, at my local makeup store they had a deal saying that if you buy one product, you get the Benefit Cabana Glama half of, so $21 CAD. This was a great deal for on the day I got there, a Benefit Makeup Artist who had come in, and if you bought at least 2 products, you would get a free gift, so i got in my hands more free goodies! Timing is everything, so wait for a good deal!

Step 2. Beauty Kits. There are always exclusive beauty kits available at Sephora, that will get you get you full sized products for a great deal! The Pretty Committee is a great kit with 3 full sized products and 1 deluxe sample. Or you can get beauty kits that allow you to have deluxe samples. 

Step 3. Save. Save and collect your money, and really think about the products you are planning on getting. Once you do this, you are more aware of the products and how much you are actually spending. 

Those are all my tips for you guys, I will add more once they come to my mind! Feel free to comment below and tell me what your tips are for beauty on a budget!!

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