Saturday, August 11, 2012

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Review

Hey everyone! It pleases me yet again, to do another review for you guys! I've already done a review on Benefits Sun Beam, so I figured, why not do a review for the product that started my love for highlighters.

High Beam has been with me since the begining of the year, and boy, was I floored when I saw how well the product played itself.


The packing of this product is the same as the tint and highlighter family. It comes with what looks like a nail polish applicator. You may be skeptical when you first see it , but trust me, now I don't feel right whenever I use a highlighter or tint that doesn't have that type of applicator. 


The product itself is a geogeous color as it has an irridesent pinkish tone. It gives you a healthy glow, which many woman desire. When I say glow, i'm not joking! It gives you an amazing glow, especially when you apply it on your cheekbones. You will not only look like a supermodel, but also an angel! 


It honeslty depends on what color you want to wear on your face. I am and always will be a sucker for this highlighter. If you want a glowly, luminous factor to the skin, this would be a great choice for you. If you want a bronzed and goddess like look, Sun Beam may be another option. 


What is it?: A lumious complexion exhancer
How much: $28 USD $30 CAD
Rating: A


Mini Me!


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